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All sermons Philip Cleland unless otherwise stated

ALL video sermons and Vlogs can be found here

24th May 2020 1st Samuel 21-22 v 5 David goes to Ahimelech the priest and then to Gath (Video)

17th May 2020 1st Samuel 20 Jonathan seeks to protect David (Video)

10th May 2020 1st Samuel 19 God's protection of David (Video)

3rd May 2020 1st Samuel ch 18 The Lord is with David (Video)

26th April 2020 1st Samuel ch 17 David and Goliath (Video)

19th April 2020 1st Samuel ch 16  Samuel anoints David as King (Video)

12 April 2020 Easter Sunday (Video)

10th April 2020 Good Friday Service (Video)

5th April 2020 1st Samuel ch 15 A rejected King (Video)

29th March 2020 1st Samuel ch 14 A victory spoiled (video)

22nd March 2020 Psalm 46 God is our strong refuge (video)

15th March 2020 Full Kilkinamurry Service  Ist Samuel ch 13 v 1-23 Saul's lack of faith

8th March 2020 Rev Brian Martin John 1 v 1-18 The Word and the Glory

1st March 2020 David Critchley CEF talk about Seaview rebuild: Philip Cleland Psalm 127 A song of ascent

23rd February 2020 1st Samuel 12 v 1-25 Samuel's address at Saul coronation

16th February 2020 1st Samuel 11 v 1-15 the Ammonites defeated through Gods Spirit coming on Saul

9th February 2020 1st Samuel ch 10 V 17-27 Saul chosen before Israel at Mizpah

2nd February 2020 1st Samuel ch 9 V 1- Ch 10 v 16 God's moving to choose Saul and having him anointed

26th January 2020 1st Samuel ch 8 v 1-22 The Israelites ask for a human King

19th January 2020 1st Samuel ch 7 v 2-17 Samuel cried out to the LORD on Israel's behalf and the LORD answered him

12th January 2020 Colossians ch 2 v 6-10 Pauls warning to remain in Christ, rooted and built up in Him

5th January 2020 Ist Samuel ch 5 v 1- ch 7 v 1  God is in control

25th December 2019 Matthew 1 v 17-25 The birth of Jesus Christ

22nd December 2019 Philippians Ch 2 v 1-11 Christian unity and Christ's humility

15th December 2019 1st Samuel Ch 4 v 1-22  The ark captured "the glory has departed from Israel"

8th December 2019 1st Samuel Ch 3 - 4 v 1  The call of Samuel

1st December 2019  1 Samuel 2 v 11-36 Eli's sons and the Lord judging the house of Eli

24th November 2019 1 Samuel 1 v 1 - ch 2 v 11 The birth of Samuel

17th November 2019 Mark 14 v 1-11 Jesus anointed with perfume and the plot to betray him

10th November 2019 Remembrance Sunday Full Service Mark 13 v 28-37 Be alert and ready for Jesus return

3rd November 2019 Communion Thanksgiving Colossians 2 v  1-5 The Riches of Christ

3rd November 2019 Communion morning Colossians 1 v 24-29 Our Sacrificial service in Christ

27th October 2019 Jackie Blue Luke 15 v 1-32 The parables of the lost sheep, lost coin, and the Prodical son

20th October 2019 Psalm 145 v 3-6 God is great and worthy of our praise.

13th October 2019 Mark 13 v 14-27 When? and signs? Jesus answers his disciples questions, the abomination of desolation

6th October 2019 Rev John Holmes Luke 12 v 13-21 the parable of the foolish rich landowner. Am I rich enough to die?

6th October 2019 Harvest morning Matthew 13 v 31-33 The parable of the mustard seed and the yeast. The Kingdom of Heaven

29th September 2019 Mark 13 v 1-13 Signs of the times

22nd September 2019 Rev Adrian Adger  Phillipeans 1 v 1-6 The one who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus

15th September 2019 Mark 12 v 38-44 The Teachers of the law and the Widows offering

8th September 2019 Romans 6 v 1-14 and other passages.  Set free from the power of sin and the good works that result from this 

1st September 2019 Ossie Wallace Luke 15 v 1-32 God's joy when the lost found

18th August 2019 Mark 12 v 35-37 Jesus Christ, Messiah, Son of David, Son of God

11th August 2019 Mark 12 v 28-34

4th August 2019 Mark 12 v 18-27 The Sadducees and life after death

21st July 2019 Mark 12 v 1-12 The Parable of the vineyard and it's meaning

14th July 2019 Michael Waddell Belfast City Mission Mark 1 v 9-20 The time is fulfilled, the Kingdom of God is at hand, repent and believe the gospel.

7th July 2019 Bobby Stanley The start of the New Life John, 3 v 1-6, 7 v 50-51, 19 v 39

30th June 2019 Mark 11 v 27-33  The authority of Jesus

23rd June 2019 Family Service Matthew 9 v 18-26 Wider, Deeper, Stronger, Greater, for Ever and Ever is Jesus love for us

16th June 2019 Mark 11 v 12-14 & 20-25 The lesson of the fig tree, the importance of faith for a fruitful Christian life

9th June 2019 Friends of VISPA Jill & Colin, Jim & Caroline 1st John 3 v16-18 Let us not love with word and tongue but in deed and truth

2nd June 2019 Children's Day 1st Samuel 17 v 34-54 David slays Goliath The battle is the LORD's

26th May 2019 Rev Joe Thompson Romans 8 v 28-39 Todays giants we have to oppose

19th May 2019 Luke 12 v 13-34 and 1st Kings 3 v 1-15 Don't worry about your life, but seek God's Kingdom

12th May 2019 1stJohn 4 v 17-21 the love of God

5th May 2019 Mark 11 v 1-20 The triumphal entry into Jerusalem, the cleansing of the Temple, the fig tree withered

28th April 2019 Dennis Flannigan 1st Corinthians 15 v 12-23 What would happen if the resurrection did not take place? But Christ has been raised from the dead

21st April 2019 Evening Ephesians 5 v 1-14 Walk in love and walk in the light

21st April 2019 Easter Sunday Luke 24 v 13-35 The road to Emmaus

14th April 2019 Psalm 8  O LORD our Lord, how excellent is your name in all the earth

7th April 2019 Evening Praise Service with Ballyclare Male Choir

7th April 2019 Psalm 3 v 1-8 David trusts in the Lord despite and through persecution

31st March 2019 Psalm 2 v 1-12  A Messianic Psalm  Jesus is King

24th March 2019 Rev Jim Stothers The People give more than enough Exodus 35 v 29- ch36 v 7

17th March 2019 Bobby Stanley The temptation of Jesus Matthew 4 v 1-11

10th March 2019 PW Service Rebecca McConnell  Beautiful actions  The widows offering and the Jesus feet being anointed with perfume Matt 26 v 6-13 & Mark 12 v 41-44

3rd March 2019 Drew Harte   Not to know anything except Jesus Christ and Him crucified 1st Corinthians 1 v 18 - 2 v 5

24th February 2019 The narrow door, how we are saved, repent and believe. Luke 13 v22-30

17th February 2019 Blind Bartimeaus healing Mark 10 v 46-52

10th February 2019 The rich young ruler, "What must I do to inherit eternal life" Mark 10 v 17-31

3rd February 2019 Jesus walks on water and Rev Adrian Adger's testimony Matthew 14 v 22-34

27th January 2019 Let the children come to me Mark 10 v 13-16

20thJanuary 2019 Tom Robinson Kids4school Matthew 25 v 40

13th January 2019  Jesus teaching on marriage and divorce Mark 10 v 1-12

30th December 2018 The cost of discipleship Luke 14 v 25-35

23rd December 2018 Family Service Olivia Crutchley The wise men visit Jesus Matt 2 v 1-14

9th December 2018 Jesus casts out the unclean spirit from the mute boy and the boys fathers belief  Mark 9 v 14-29

2nd December 2018 Your are unique, loved valued Ephesians 1 v 11-14 Sealed with the promised Holy Spirit

25th November 2018 Mission Sunday Evening Shaw Thompson Ecc 3 v 1-11, Luke 23 v 35-43 Be prepared for eternity

25th November 2018 Mission Sunday Morning Joe Thompson Mark 10 v 17-22 Eternal life

23rd November 2018 Mission Friday Seamus Burke & John Hutchinson Psalm 32 Our God

22nd November 2018 Mission Thursday Sammy Heenan 2 Sam 22 v 1-7 Why God?

21st November 2018 Mission Wednesday Peter Lynas psalm 2 Shunning God

20th November 2018 Mission Tuesday Alan Cousens Genesis 15 v 1-6 Other Gods Islam compared to christianity

19th November 2018 Mission Monday Steve Wright John 1 v 1-18 God's creation vs evolution

18th November 2018 Mission Sunday Evening Billy Patterson Mark 11 v 20-30 Sin, Judgement day, Salvation and eternity where?

18th November 2018 Mission Sunday morning John Dixon Mark 10 v 17-31 The rich young ruler compared to the prodigal son

11th November 2018 Remembrance Sunday Mission Event Paul Sommerville John 15 v13 Greater love hath no man than this

11th November 2018 Remembrance Sunday morning Romans 5 v 1-11 While we were still sinners Christ died for us

4th November 2018 Communion Thanksgiving Service Ephesians 4 V 25-32 How believers are to behave

4th November 2018 Communion Service  Putting off the old and putting on the new Ephesians 4 v 17-24

28th October 2018 Jesus healing touch  Mark 5 v21-34 Jackie Blue

21st October  2018 Martha and Mary Luke 10 v 38-42

14th October 2018  Jesus Transfiguration Mark 9 V 1-13

7th October 2018 Harvest Morning. God's Harvest Revelation 14 v 14-20

30th September 2018 Who do you say that I am? Mark 8 v 27-30

23rd September 2018 Be ready for Jesus return Luke 12 v 35-48

16th September 2018 Jesus heals a blind man at Bethsaida Mark 8 v22-26

9th September 2018 Feeding the 4000, the Pharisees demand a sign, and the leaven of the Pharisees and Herod

2nd September 2018 The Lords Prayer Jamie Maguire Luke 11 v 1-4

17th August 2018 The Syrophonecian womans faith Mark 7 v 24-30

5th August 2018 The Mystery of the gospel revealed Eph 3 v 1-6

22nd July 2018 Paul before Agrippa Acts 26 v1-29 Ivan Patterson Belfast City Mission

17th June 2018 Jesus feeds the five thousand Mark 6 v 30-44

10th June 2018 The death of John the Baptist Mark 6 v14-29

3rd June 2018 Children's day evening Karen Wallace The new heaven and the new earth Rev 21 v 1-7

3rd June 2018 Children's day morning Karen Wallace The good Shepherd John 10 v 11-15

27th May 2018 "what must I do to inherit eternal life?" The parable of the good Samaritan Luke 10 v25-37

20th May 2018 We are God's fellow workers, God's field, God's building 1st Corinthians 3 v 1-9

13th May 2018 Communion  Pauls plain preaching of Christ crucified 1st Corinthians 2 v 1-5

6th May 2018 Jesus sends out the 12 Apostles Mark 6 v 7-13

29th April 2018 Jesus rejected at Nazareth Mark 6 v1-6

15th April 2018 Jesus heals a woman and raises Jarius daughter from the dead Mark 5 v 21-43

8th April 2018 Thomas doubts Jesus is risen John 20 v 24-29  George Lunn  Belfast City Mission

1st April 2018 Easter Sunday Jesus Christ resurrection from the dead. The scene at the tomb Mark 16 v 1-8

30th March 2018 Good Friday Johns account of the crucification John 19 v17-37

25th March 2018 Jesus and the demon possessed man Mark 5 v 1-20

18th March 2018 Jesus calms the storm Mark 4 v 35-41

11th March 2018 PW Service Colossians V 6  Heather Clements

25th February 2018 Mark 4 v 21-34 The parables of, the lamp under the basket, the seed growing, and the mustard seed 

18th February 2018 Mark 4 v 1-20 The Parable of the Sower, and the purpose of parables

11th February 2018 Mark 3 v 20-35 Jesus earthly family think he's out of his mind, the scribes accuse him of casting out demons by being the prince of demons, and Jesus says whoever does the will of God is his brother and sister and mother

04th February 2018 Mark 3 v 13-19 Jesus chooses the 12 apostles

28th January 2018 Mark 3 v 7-12 Jesus healing delivering and restoring

21st January 2018 Mark 3 1-6 Jesus heals the man with the withered hand

14th January 2018 Mark 2 V 23-28 Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath

7th January 2018 Mark 2 v 13-17 The calling of Levi

31st December 2017 1st Peter 1 1-5 Our hope in Christ

25th December 2017 Luke 2 8-20 The Shepherds hear the good news and visit the Saviour

17th December 2017 Carol Service

17th December 2017 Mark 2 v 1-12 Jesus forgives and heals a paralysed man

10th December 2017 Mark 1 v40-45 Jesus heals a leper

3rd December 2017 Luke 7 v 36-50

26th November 2017 Mark 1 v 29-39

19th November 2017 Mark 1 v21-28

12th November 2017 Remembrance Sunday John 1 14-20

05th November 2017 Communion Service 1st John 3 v 11-17

29th October 2017 Galatians ch 1. By faith alone in Christ alone Drew Harte

22nd October 2017 Tear Fund Sunday Verner McIlwaine

15th October 2017 Ephesians 1 v 15-23

8th October 2017 Jesus temptation

1st October 2017 Evening Harvest

1st October 2017 Harvest Morning

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19th March 2017  May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ Gal 6 v 14

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