Drumgooland Presbyterian Church

  • Drumgooland Road
  • Ballyward
  • Castlewellan
  • Down
  • BT31 9QG

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Giving & Gift Aid

Many people in the congregation make use of weekly freewill offering envelopes.

An alternative way of regular giving is direct from your bank account each month. (Monthly is administratively easier)

The following downloadable Form can be printed out and completed. 

The churches bank details need to be entered. (Contact Jim Macauley, the Treasurer)

Your bank details need to be entered.

The instructions to your bank need to be entered, ie how much, and how often, and for how long.

In the payee reference section  please enter your name and freewill offering number

The completed form needs to be given to your bank.

Gift Aid

For those who pay tax, this is a way of increasing the value of your giving to the church.

This is easily done by completing this downloadable gift aid form and giving this to Jim Macauley.

Covid 19 and giving