Drumgooland Presbyterian Church

  • Drumgooland Road
  • Ballyward
  • Castlewellan
  • Down
  • BT31 9QG

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Presbyterian Women

Who is Presbyterian Women for?

Presbyterian women is for all women; there is no age restriction.

All women who come along will be made to feel most welcome.

What is the aim of Presbyterian Women?

Presbyterian Women aims to highlight the need for:

1. Love and unity

2. Obedience to God

3. Christian living and spiritual maturity

4. Service using gifts, time and money

5. Local and global mission

2018-19 season

Leader Evelyn Hanna

Secretary Barbara McKnight

Treasurer Linda McGaffin

Rest of Committee

Myrtle Johnston

Diane Gault

Michelle Jackson

Angela Skelly

Valerie Malcomson